Mom rocks a diaper one hour after giving birth

This is some serious postpartum pride.

Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Jean Photography via Facebook Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Jean Photography via Facebook

This mom is my new hero! This photo was taken just one hour after she gave birth and in it she is showing off her her diaper, her mummy tummy and her stretch marks. Talk about postpartum pride.

The photo was actually shared a few months ago by Australian birth photographer Melissa Jean. She captioned it "One hour after giving birth... looks stunning... in a nappy." She's right, this mom does look amazing.

Now there were some mean-spirited comments on Facebook criticizing the mom for not being in bed with her baby. But Melissa was quick to respond saying that the mom was simply moving from her birthing suite to her room. Personally, I love that she took a moment to show off her postpartum body, diaper and all!

This article was originally published on Sep 07, 2016

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