Mom makes American Boy doll for son's birthday

What do you do when your son wants an American Girl doll that looks like him? Well, you get crafty and make him one.

Mom makes American Boy doll for son's birthday Photo: Gina DeMillo Wagner

Gina DeMillo Wagner's son, Miles, had only two things on his birthday wish list—Lego and an American Boy doll. So his mom, freelance writer, photographer and blogger, Gina, got crafty and created a doll that looks just like her son.

It all started when Miles' older sister, Bronwynn, got a "Truly Me" American Girl, which is a doll designed to look just like its human best friend.

"My son, naturally, wanted a doll that looks like him, too," says Gina. "Trouble is, there are no 18-inch 'American Boy' dolls available."

Gina wasn't surprised that her six-year-old son wanted a doll, especially since he and his older sister play together on a daily basis.

"She loves playing superheroes and various sports with him," says Gina in her blog post. "And he loves playing My Little Pony and American Girl with her."

Mom makes American Boy doll for son's birthday Photo: Gina DeMillo Wagner


Gina ended up buying a blue-eyed, platinum-haired Madame Alexander doll off Ebay for $25 and doll boy clothes off Etsy. All together, the doll cost less than $50.

Then Gina chopped off the long blonde locks, trimmed the eyelashes, removed the doll's makeup with nail polish remover and voilà, a doll for Miles.

Miles ended up named his look-alike doll "Fred Jones." Great choice, Miles! We love your new doll and hope you have lots of fun with him.

This article was originally published on Oct 26, 2015

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