Mom dances to Thriller to try to induce labour

Watch supermom Bonnie Northsea try to induce her labour by dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller!

Mamas-to-be who’ve blown past their due dates often go to very interesting lengths to try to induce labour: gulping down castor oil or spicy foods, walking on a treadmill for hours, taking a bumpy car ride or getting it on with your lovey—there is no remedy too far-fetched! But this might just be the best we’ve seen: When a very pregnant Bonnie Northsea hit her due date on February 11 with no signs of labour in sight, she cleared her living room floor and did the dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video—something she’d heard might encourage her little one get a move on.

Northsea has said she made this now viral video to make her Facebook friends laugh, but it’s had a very touching side benefit. Northsea’s husband was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer a little over a month ago, and this little bit of fun gave her a chance to laugh and it’s been a nice distraction from the worry and stresses they’re facing as a family.

While the dance didn’t have the desired effect, we’re thrilled with this mama’s spirit and strength. Watch here:

Want to help Bonnie and Mike deal with the financial struggles they’re facing? Check out their crowd-funding campaign, Bonnie and Mike Cancer Bites funds.

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