Mom battling cancer bids farewell to breastfeeding with a touching photo shoot

Her diagnosis may stop her from nursing her son but it won't crush her spirit. 

breastfeeding-breast-cancer-2016 Photo: Facebook via Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Natasha Fogarty had been breastfeeding her son, Milo, for five months and was loving it. She had planned to continue nursing for a full year. But those plans were sadly disrupted by a diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer. So the 29-year-old decided to commemorate her last breastfeeding session with a touching photo shoot.

With a demanding newborn baby at home, it's hard to remember to shower, let alone check for lumps. Fogarty had actually discovered her lump during pregnancy and continued to notice it while breastfeeding, but she assumed it was just her milk coming in and her mom duties took precedence. Fortunately, she eventually got it checked and was soon scheduled for a single mastectomy. But before the surgery, before the end of nursing her son, she wanted the end of her breastfeeding journey documented.

"2:05 am on Monday as my son fell asleep on my boob I was sad, but it was peaceful. I was lucky to be able to cherish the last week of our breastfeeding journey," writes Fogarty in the captions that accompany her photos. Fogarty also died her hair pink for the photo shoot. She shared her photos on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk  Facebook page and hopes to raise awareness for routine lump checks and also support moms struggling with breastfeeding. "I want any other mom out there going through this to stay strong and positive," says Fogarty. 

Fogarty is lucky to have three friends who plan to donate milk for Milo, but not being able to provide him with her own milk has been hard on the loving mom, who never wanted to stop breastfeeding.

She's currently recovering from her mastectomy and preparing for chemo. Her breastfeeding journey may be over but nothing, not even cancer, can sever the special bond she shares with her son.

This article was originally published on Jul 07, 2016

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