Mila Kunis interview (video): Breastfeeding is a great workout

In her first interview since having baby Wyatt, Mila Kunis shares why she loves breastfeeding, how she stays energized through long new-baby days and more.

Photo: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

Photo: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

Craig Ferguson of the Late, Late Show snagged Mila Kunis‘s first post-baby interview, on Wednesday, December 10.

Mila, 31, and hubby Ashton Kutcher, 36, welcomed their first child—a baby girl whom they named Wyatt Isabelle—just two months ago.

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As Craig pointed out, Mila looked great the little black dress she wore on the show (and I know, I know, it’s her job to look great ASAP after baby). When he asked if she had a specific workout regime, she credited breastfeeding and the baby for the weight loss.

“You know, it’s called ‘baby,'” she replied. “Breastfeeding is a great workout.”

“I seem to eat a lot,” she added. “That’s what keeps me going through the day.”

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Mila and Craig also got into a lengthy discussion about the difference between raising boys and girls.

“It is completely different—everything,” Mila says, noting she knows this because she has a new baby nephew.

And when Craig cautioned her about raising girls during the teen years, Mila insisted, “That’s not my problem. That’s Daddy’s problem.” Ha! I like that philosophy—takes a bit of the pressure off for now!

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OK, enough talk! Watch the interview yourself; it’s cute (the Dracula accent bit is the best)!

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Mila’s currently promoting her new flick, Jupiter Ascending—but says she’s enjoying the “luxury” of being at home with her family these days.

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