Make your own Lego gummy candy!

The most delicious Lego around!

Photo: The King of Random Photo: The King of Random

Today, while doing important busy-people things on the interwebs, we came across this fantastical and fun recipe. And we felt morally obligated to share it because umm... hello squishy, edible Lego.

The simple how-to video from The King of Random is so easy to follow. You might even have all of the ingredients in your cupboard already. (We're jealous if you do.) You can order the special Lego moulds online or pick them up at the Lego store. What do you think? We think it'd be a fun weekend snack to make with the kids, and also a great addition to the treat table at a Lego-themed birthday party. Just make sure to invite us!


This article was originally published on May 26, 2015

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