Major news for Barbie—she can finally wear flats!

Barbie just got more fashionable (and comfortable!)

Photo: Barbie (@barbiestyle via Instagram) Photo: Barbie (@barbiestyle via Instagram)

Poor Barbie! For the last 50-odd years she has worn heels every single day. Her feet must be aching! But sweet relief is in sight.

It was just announced that Mattel's new line of Barbie Fashionistas will have adjustable ankles. Yes, Barbie can finally wear flats! Hooray!

Barbie, a whole new world of shoes is available to you. You appear to be wearing a very adorable pair of t-strap flats. Good choice. But might I suggest you try a cute pair of slip-on runners. They're very trendy right now and perfect for running around at the playground with Skipper.

This article was originally published on Jun 03, 2015

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