Live from Snack Time—all the adorably weird things kids say

"I need hand sanitizer because he farted on my hand!" One teacher records all the funny things her students say.

There’s a teacher in New York who just made my day—heck, she made my week! She started an Instagram account, Live from Snack Time, where she shares the adorable, ridiculous and somewhat gross things her students say. Trust me, once you start reading these, you can’t stop.

Here are a few of the funny (and perplexing) things her students say.


There’s a lot of talk of bodily functions—a lot!



This kid should definitely go to the nurse—how is this possible?


Um, no!


Some of their quotes are full of wisdom, like this peach of a quote.


Did you know Santa is not a yogi?


So true!



This kid gets me. I’ve been doing this all week.




Hey, no tattling on Mommy.




Needless to say, kids ask good questions.

11005052_799999016716263_130010928_nWhat funny things have you heard your kid say?

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