Life Without Nico: a book for when your kid's bestie moves away

Andrea Maturana's new book Life Without Nico is a touching story about a girl whose best friend moves away.

Photo: Kids Can Press

Photo: Kids Can Press

It’s never easy when a friend moves away What’s there left to do once your bestie is gone?

In Andrea Maturana’s new book, Life Without Nico, little Maia experiences exactly that. She and Nico are the best of friends and do everything together. However, that all changes when Nico’s dad says their family is moving to the other side of the world.

Photo: Kids Can Press

Photo: Kids Can Press

Maia is left with an empty feeling; a hole in her life she thinks will never be filled.

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That is, until she meets a furry companion, makes a new friend and even learns an instrument. Maia’s life becomes so full again that she wonders where Nico will fit in. A heartwarming story about what a kid goes through when a friend moves away: Sadness, loneliness, the uncertainty of the unknown, but eventually, the joy of new experiences.

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