Kourtney Kardashian: Two baby showers better than one?

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her third child and has now had two baby showers—with very different themes.

Kourtney Kardashian pregnant with third child

Photo: Dunkin D/FameFlynet

I personally never had a baby shower—except the big one they threw me at work back in my Scholastic Canada days—because Jewish people traditionally (or, well, superstitiously) don’t do them. But, I hear having baby showers for your second, third, fourth, etc., child isn’t really done. Instead, I’m learning, moms-to-be-again have something called a “sprinkle”? It’s basically a dinner, or something low key, with little baby gifts because how many bouncy chairs do you need?

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Anyway, in typical Kardashian style, Kourtney Kardashian had not just one baby shower but two recently—for her third baby with boyfriend Scott Disick.

The first was a fancy Breakfast At Tiffany’s themed soirée at the Montage Hotel and Resorts in Beverly Hills, on Wednesday, November 12, as pictured here…

Photo: Kourtney Kardashian via Instagram

Photo: Kourtney Kardashian via Instagram

“Baby shower brunch,” Kourtney captioned the photo, with the hashtag #breakfastAtTiffanys.

Kourtney wore a black tuxedo maternity dress to the fancy event. To the second, however, she dressed considerably down in comfy red PJs and festive horns(?). It took place early yesterday morning (Sunday, November 16), at the local IHOP. Everyone wore PJs and Christmas accessories. Cute idea!

“I have the best friends in the world! Sunday morning 9am IHOP in our pajamas! #fancyBabyShower,” she captioned the Instagram pic (below) of herself and her friends in their PJs, holding IHOP mugs of hot chocolate…

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.42.08 AM

Photo: Kourtney Kardashian via Instagram

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“IHOP 9am in our pajamas,” she writes with another photo…

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.45.58 AM

Photo: Kourtney Kardashian via Instagram

Looks like fun! And finally, the cake. “Baby shower breakfast. #pajamas #ihop #bestfriends,” she writes alongside this cake pic…

Photo: Kourtney Kardashian via Instagram

Photo: Kourtney Kardashian via Instagram

Cute! If I had a baby shower, I’d go more the IHOP route—chilling with your friends, cozy PJs, no toilet-paper games (oh, wait, that’s wedding shower), etc., etc.

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How about you? Which theme do you like better? What was your own baby shower like?

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