Kanye West: How fatherhood influences his music (and more!)

In truly a bizarre new interview, Kanye West talks about his family, his hopes for his new baby boy and raising kids under the harsh scrutiny of the public eye.

Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Let me preface this post by saying I love Kanye West. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.


I don't love him because I think he's a genius, or that he's making the world a better place, or has anything truly valuable (or, for that matter, intelligible) to contribute to society. Well, I may think all these things, but here's why I love him anyway: Though he's arguably one of the most serious people in the world, the dude is hilarious.

So, today, I'm pleased to write a post on Kanye's latest intense revelations about his family, his hopes for his new baby boy, and what it's like raising kids when you are God that famous.



These new revelations come from a two-hour Q&A with ShowStudio, which is replete with tons of truly unlistenable but major Kanye gold!

For example, the "presidential-candidate-to-be" goes on (and on) about how his wife, Kim Kardashian, should be winning Emmys for her family's reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I mean, need I say more? Don't worry, I will.


"My wife and my family should've had plenty of Emmys by now," he says. "But, reality shows are considered to be like rap was when the Mondrian [hotel] wouldn't let Run D.M.C. and motherf*ing Will Smith stay there because they were rappers." Huh?

Elaborating on the stigma, Kanye explains: "The idea of a reality star not being allowed into a fashion show or not being nominated for their show, even if it's the longest running and the most popular and...everybody I know watches it."


It's nice to see he does always have Kim's back...

Maybe Kanye (who, incidentally, likens himself to Michelangelo in the interview) is feeling extra extra defensive these days because Kim's expecting their second child—a baby Yeezy, for whom Kanye has high hopes.

"I don't have a name for him, but what I hope for him is that he can feel purpose," Kanye says, "that he can learn, that he has the opportunities."

Photo: Kanye West music video via YouTube Photo: Kanye West music video via YouTube


And sure, Kanye is worried about raising the baby and his daughter, North, 2, amidst all the negative press surrounding the family.

"We've actually made a lot of positive press coverage," he insists, "because the majority of the things we do are positive."

"Any situation you're in you're going to worry about raising kids, but it's champagne problems," he says. "There's people who can't feed their kids. That's something more to worry about, so I'm not going to sit here and complain about the so-called issues I have. These aren't real issues. There’s people at war… That celeb sh*t, it’s not real sh*t."

Wow, that actually makes sense.

Photo: Kanye West interview with ShowStudio via YouTube Photo: Kanye West interview with ShowStudio via YouTube

Kanye also talks a bit about how being a dad has influenced his music. "Having a family, period, has made me completely rethink the way I rap. I just love my family. Three years ago, after this interview, I would’ve been on the train back to Paris to see the last of the [fashion] shows to get that inspiration. Now, I’m on the first flight home to see my greatest inspiration—that’s my daughter." Awww.

And there it is. That's really all we get about fatherhood in this interview because we're talking about KANYE who, you know, is really all about KANYE and KANYE'S IDEAS. Let's see what happens when Baby No. 2, "Kanye II," arrives. (I do predict they will name the baby "Kanye"—you heard that here first!)


OK, so this interview is hysterical. If you enjoy Kanye as much as I do, have a watch (I admit I went a bit loopy trying to listen to the whole thing—but give it a go)...


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This article was originally published on Oct 08, 2015

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