Just keep surfing: Bethany Hamilton surfs while pregnant

Shark attack survivor and professional surfer Bethany Hamilton is four months pregnant, and it's not stopping her from ripping those waves!

bethany hamilton pregnant instagram Photo: @bethanyhamilton via Instagram

Remember how excited we were when Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks, our favourite surfing couple, announced their pregnancy? Well now she's four months pregnant! And her bulging belly isn't stopping her from riding those waves—she literally just keeps swimming, swimming, swimming (evidently, I'm excited for Finding Nemo 2). Bethany's thirst for the sea cannot be quenched, and it's incredible to see that, yet again, no physical hurdle stands in the way of her and that surfboard. No dream is ever too big for this motivated mama.

b2 Photo: @bethanyhamilton via Instagram

She's admirably, as her hashtags suggest, #pregnantandsurfing and will definitely give birth to a little fish in five more months! Look:

b3 Photo: @bethanyhamilton via Instagram

Captioned with "Jr. on board he has been ripping! #pregnantandsurfing", her little one might just surf before he walks!

This article was originally published on Mar 16, 2015

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