Judge says no breastfeeding in court. We object!

This judge told a breastfeeding mom she was being "inappropriate." He is so clearly out of order!

By Davina Sinnatamby

Judge says no breastfeeding in court. We object!

While appearing in a North Carolina court for the custody hearing of her oldest child, Stephanie Rhodus tried to breastfeed her 8-month-old son, Archer, who doesn't like to be covered up. She was forced to stop and was scolded agressively by District Court Judge Peter Knight.

“Now step outside and button up, or whatever you need to do to button up. Are you going to be able to stay buttoned up?” Judge Knight said. He made it clear he was fine with Stephanie having the child in court, but insisted that breastfeeding in court was being both "ridiculous" and "inappropriate."

You can hear all Knight's condescending comments in the video below.

Stephanie's son exclusively breastfeeds and will not drink from a bottle. He was hungry and she fed him. What's so ridiculous about that?

As a judge, Peter should be well aware of the law and the law allows women in North Carolina's to breastfeed in public. Stephanie has fed her son in court before and the female judge had no problem with it.

The judge's outdated beliefs have no place in the justice system. If you think breastfeeding is inappropriate, you should be overruled!

This article was originally published on Apr 14, 2016

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