Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves (no, really LOVES) moms—WATCH

This hysterical viral video is making the rounds today. Joseph Gordon-Levitt thinks moms are HOT. Watch!

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has professed his love (sexy love!) for moms everywhere in a hilarious music video, “Sexy Motha.”

Here are some of the best lines—you can store them up for those special moments when you’re feeling not-so-hot (or, well, if you just need a laugh)…

“Cuz a woman with a child always drives me wild.”

“I want a girl who likes to eat organic and read Dr. Seuss out loud.”

“And the kid can be my built-in mini best buddy. We can play Nintendo…”

“Moms love unconditionally. Just a bit of that love would be enough for me.”

“Organizing field trips is so hot.”

WATCH! (Warning: Kids in the room? You may want to encourage your kids to do something else while you watch this alone. Enjoy!)

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