Johnny Depp makes a surprise visit to kids’ hospital as Jack Sparrow

Arrrrr! Johnny Depp thrilled kids at a children's hospital by visiting them in full Jack Sparrow character. See photos and watch the heartwarming video.

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The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand? —Captain Jack Sparrow

I'm not a humungous Johnny Depp fan (because I'm a humongous Clive Owen fan, and there's really no room for anyone else—my crush on him is that great), but I love me some Jack Sparrow. Arrrrrrrr!

Yes, dad-of-two Johnny Depp, 52, is melting our hearts in the headlines today. The star of the latest instalment of Pirates of the CaribbeanDead Men Tell No Tales, delighted kids at the Lady Cilento children's hospital in Brisbane, Australia, yesterday (Tuesday, July 8), when he visited in full character of—you know it—our favourite handsome, hilarious, rum-guzzling pirate.

The hospital posted some great photos of the event on their Facebook page. Here's one of the patients, Ula, reacting to her major surprise! (And, as you can see in the photo, Stephen "Scrum" Graham joined Johnny at the hospital.)

Photo: Johnny Depp and Stephen "Scrum" Graham. Photo:

Awww, Ula and her mom got to take this awesome selfie with Jack.

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"Now, if there's other people in it, why is it called a selfie?" Jack asked. Good question, Captain!

Here's Jack meeting another patient, Carter. When he says he can't spell the name, Carter spells it out for him: "C. A. R.T.E.R." This is so heartbreakingly sweet.

Photo: Photo:

Witty as ever, Jack tells the children they're not smiling big enough for the photos—and of course, they are. Everyone giggles!

Photo: Shane Finney, Twitter @_The_Finney Photo: @_The_Finney via Twitter


"So my nephew got to meet Johnny Depp in hospital today," tweets Shane Finney with the photo above. "Almost a month in hospital and this happens."

Amazing... Watch the highlights of the sweet event in this video they created, "What Happened When Jack Sparrow and Scrum Visited the Lady Cilento Hospital..." Warning: It will give you chills...

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This article was originally published on Jul 08, 2015

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