Jillian Harris shares super-intimate post-birth photos

The Love It or List It host shares her sweet birth story with some pretty real images.

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Nothing shouts "I just had a baby!" louder than a shot of your tiny, sleeping newborn cradled in in your partner's hands while you look on proudly—naked, but for your padded post-baby granny panties.

For someone who's seemingly always camera-ready—with makeup, hair and outfit always on point—this is a side of Jillian Harris that we're quite literally not used to seeing.

Jillian Harris and her partner, Justin Pasutto, are new parents to Leo, who was born on August 5, 2016. The 36-year-old Canadian TV personality and interior designer blogs regularly about her life and work and recently shared the details of her birth story on her site—contraction pains and postpartum diaper included. We  love the beautifully candid opening shot and how honest she is throughout because, celebrity or not, reality is leaking uncontrollably from places you didn't think possible, or as Jillian describes it: "SPLOOOSHHHH" all over the floor.

As Jillian reports, Leo came earlier than expected. Her due date was August 21st, but hey, baby makes the rules, right? More than two weeks early, she went to the hospital after what she thought was her water (slowly) breaking. But they sent her home at three centimetres dilated. So she carried on, filming a pilot with Justin and an entire crew at the house the very next day. She even finished it off with a sunset stroll on the beach with her pooch Nacho.

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It wasn't until she was back home and exhausted, wanting only to climb into bed (as all nine-months pregnant women do), when her cousin, Sam, noticed Jillian was leaking as she was putting on her PJs. Harris had the perfect response, assuming her lady parts had suddenly developed superhuman powers.


"At some point in my head, I had decided that my vagina was some monstrous vacuum and I told Sam 'you know what, this is probably from the swim in the lake, I just sucked up a bunch of water' and crawled back into bed … I remember her staring at me from the end of the bed looking at me like I was crazy, or maybe she was really curious about my vaginas new special abilities to suck up so much water lol."

I mean, I'm sure there's that surreal moment when your water breaks where you're initially in denial, but this is just hilarious.

In all of the late-night frenzy—realizing she was indeed in labour, plus the film crew returning to her place to record it all—they managed to take some peaceful photos before leaving for the hospital.

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Surrounded by a whole team of people, Jillian says she even enjoyed her labour pains at first.


"I remember thinking I LIKED the contractions (omfg am I delusional or what!?!) I loved all the company and was laughing between every contraction. It was one of the most amazing few hours of my life. So, fast forward to 5cm dilated, and 3am… Sh*t started to get gnarly and the contractions were NOT fun anymore. It was like zero to sixty and I remember I was NOT laughing anymore. All I could think of was EPIIIIDURRALLLLLLL. At this point, it was time for the film crew to leave. SEE YA LATERRRRR!!!"

We don't blame her—no one wants a camera crew around when labour starts to get real. And it was a good thing they left because things became somewhat complicated—the umbilical cord was wrapped around Leo's neck twice) and Jillian faced the possibility of an emergency C-Section. Thankfully, it all worked out.

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"It came time to push, and after about an hour of pushing, some major ripping, an episiotomy…we welcomed little Leo, at 6:02 am…"

Once they knew that both she and the baby were healthy, Justin made the announcement to their whole crew in the waiting room: "IT’S A BOY!"

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Although Leo's birth story didn't go exactly as planned, Jillian has this to say about it: "...looking back it is everything that we wanted it to be...Literally, THE BEST DAY of our LIVES and I am so happy I am able to share it with all of you."

And we're so happy that she did. This family can't get any cuter!

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Read the full birth story here:

This article was originally published on Oct 11, 2016

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