How this mom felt her babies kick via her surrogate will have you tearing up

Huggies was able to grant one mom a very special experience with her twins in honour of National Hugging Day.

How this mom felt her babies kick via her surrogate will have you tearing up

Photo: Huggies via YouTube

Women who can't get pregnant and have to use gestational carriers often feel like they're missing out on that physical connection with their baby—the kicks, the punches and all the tiny movements. For five-year cancer survivor Sharde, who's expecting twin girls via a surrogate, that's definitely the case.

"Genetically they're mine, but I want that mother-daughter connection," said Sharde in a video while tearing up.

But thanks to a groundbreaking device developed by Huggies, she was able to connect with her babies in a way she hadn't before.

In honour of National Hugging Day, which falls on Jan. 21, Sharde got strapped into the "Hug Belt" which was connected to another Hug Belt strapped onto Antoinette, who's carrying Sharde's twin baby girls. After the belt was switched on, Sharde was actually able to feel the little kicks from her twins. Her husband sat with her and got to feel his girls kick in their mummy's tummy. Sharde is crying, her husband is crying, Antoinette is crying and we are crying!

Watch the touching video below:

This article was originally published on Jan 19, 2017

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