Hot diggity: Sneak peek of Lego Friends' new amusement park series!

Hot dogs, roller coasters, photo booths—we're so ready for these Lego sets.

hot dog van 1 - gallery Photo: Lego

It's not an afternoon at the fair without a stop at the hot dog stand. Lego gets us, which is why they've created the Lego Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van. Go hang out with Stephanie and Nate as they serve up some delicious dogs. Or head to the photo booth for a hilarious pic. The set comes complete with teeny mustard and ketchup dispensers, a cash box and a hot dog mascot costume, of course!

And the fun is just getting started. The Hot Dog Van is just one set from Lego Friends' new Amusement Park series! The collection is set to be released in August, so we're here to give you a sneak peek.

hot dog van 2 - gallery

"Help me!" Photo: Lego

hot dog van 3 - gallery

Amusement Park Hot Dog Van $40,


Once your tummy is nice and full of hot dogs, it's game time. Head to the arcade to shoot some hoops, aim at targets or play whack-a-frog.

lego friends arcade - gallery

Amusement Park Arcade, $18,

Thrill-seekers will definitely want to hit up the roller coaster...

lego friends rollercoaster - gallery

Amusement Park Roller Coaster,$130,


Or this cool space ride! Just make sure you wait a bit after you've eaten or you may regret it...

Lego friends space ride - gallery All photos: Lego

Amusement Park Space Ride, $30,

This article was originally published on Jun 24, 2016

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