Hockey highlight: Boy does the sweetest thing for girl battling cancer

It's usually an amazing goal that makes the hockey highlights—but for us, it's nine-year-old Keaton Hamin's generosity that tops the list.

Alyx Delaloye is a huge Winnipeg Jets fan and was thrilled to be at a game a couple of weeks ago. The seven-year-old, who has leukaemia and is currently undergoing her sixth round of chemo, was shown on the Jumbotron as her mom held up a sign reading “Chemo by day…Jets by night!” Both the Jets and the L.A. Kings banged their sticks on the ice in a salute, and the crowd gave the little fan a standing ovation. But the story gets a whole lot sweeter.

The Jets invited Alyx’s family back to watch a game the following week. A few rows down, nine-year-old Keaton Hamin had just won a signed hockey stick, and Alyx raced over to see. To Alyx’s surprise, Keaton gave her the stick! Isn’t that just the sweetest? But there’s more. After getting the stick, Alyx raced down the stands to give Keaton a hug—and it was all caught on tape.

You have to see the video for yourself. And watch to the end to see Keaton’s adorable reaction when the Jets gave him another hockey stick as a reward for his generosity.

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