“Hit it, Toots!” Five-year-old brings the charm on America's Got Talent

Wait until you hear the pipes on this adorable little girl.

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Meet Heavenly Joy or "Hev" as her aunt calls her. She's only five, but she stunned judges on America's Got Talent with her amazing rendition of “In Summer” from Frozen. Her voice is amazing, and she tap dances, too! But the best part? Her attitude!

When the song starts, she lets out a "Hit it, Toots!" and then starts adorably wiggling.

“She lights up when she sees the stage…that’s her home,” says her mom. And we couldn’t agree more!

Just hearing Heavenly talk about her love for singing and tap dancing is contagious! I had a smile on my face from beginning to end.

The best part of this adorable girl's attitude is definitely her ‘sharing is caring’ mentality. When asked what she would do with the million dollar prize if she won, she replied, “Well, if I get a million dollars, I don’t want them to keep ‘em, I wanna give them all over the world 'cause some people don’t have any clothes or give some clothes to them!”

Aw! How much cuter could she be?


Make sure to catch Heavenly’s excited face at 0:51 because that’s how excited we are for her!

This article was originally published on Jul 03, 2015

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