Grab the tissues—watch this transgender teen's emotional surprise

“We all just want to be loved and accepted by others, and that is all I want for my daughter, to be loved and accepted for who she is inside.”


The mom of a transgender daughter gave her 14-year-old the best surprise of her life.

When Corey, who was born male but identifies as female, saw her mom filming her, she knew something was up.

“What did you do this time?” she asks.

Corey happily follows her mom’s instructions to grab something from under the couch cushion.

After finding and unwrapping a black plastic bag, Corey is speechless when she realizes she’s holding an estrogen prescription—her first dose of hormones.

“She squeezed me, and I stopped the camera so I could hug her back. Neither of us let go for what seemed like an eternity,” mom Erica told Buzzfeed News. “She literally took my breath away, as she has never given me a hug like that before. I have never felt so much love from her than that moment.”


Corey’s transition hasn’t always been this easy for the Detroit family of five. Erica explained to Buzzfeed News that since Corey has always been feminine, she just assumed that she might be gay.

Then, when Corey was 11, she and her mom came across a video by Jazz Jennings, a popular transgender YouTuber. At that moment, Corey said, “Mom, I’m just like her. I am a girl.”

After consulting with the gender clinic at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Corey’s team of doctors and therapists gave the teen a puberty-suppressing implant shortly after their initial meeting.

Her medical team then decided that Corey was ready to begin hormone therapy in August 2015. As you can see from the video, the true joy that Corey and her mom feel at this news is undeniable.

This article was originally published on Sep 30, 2015

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