Grab all the tissues before watching this video

Procter & Gamble just released their newest "Thank you, mom" video and it will give you all the feels.

Don’t mind me, just crying over my cup of tea! Procter & Gamble just released their newest “Thank you, mom” video and it’s full of all the feels.

The video is about the athletes who are competing in the Rio Olympic Games. And while these athletes are powerful and amazing, it’s their moms who have inspired their strength!   She got them through the scary moments (tornadoes and car accidents when they were little). And comforts them every time they cry. And she’s the voice they still hear in their head, telling them “It’s okay, it’s okay!”

The video is much darker than the normal “Thank you, mom” videos, so prepare yourself for some serious tears. The last line is what really got me.

Watch for yourself, but keep the tissues handy:

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