Get your frying pans ready: TV is about to get Tangled!

Rapunzel isn’t in her tower anymore! Nope, she's coming to a TV and a ground floor near year.

Get your frying pans ready: TV is about to get Tangled!


Tangled is coming to TV! Yes, you heard that right: Disney Channel will be granting princess-loving, fairy-tale fans a full-blown animated series in 2017. Throw up your lanterns, this is cause for celebration!

The best part? Mandy Moore will be reprising her role as the princess who let down her long hair. However, there will be no more towers or singing for hair—she lives in a castle (I’d hope on the ground floor) with a short brown bob now. Times are a-changin’ for this princess.

Eugene (better known as Flynn Rider), played by Zachary Levi, will also be back, and the two are bound to get into plenty of shenanigans.

Along with swoonworthy scenes between Rapunzel and Eugene, we can look forward to a new BFF for Rapunzel: Cassandra, a kick-butt female handmaiden.

The show is said to be about Rapunzel finally being free. What she really wants to do is get to know herself, her family and her kingdom better—but she may not go about the whole “royalty” thing properly. Really, though, when does a princess ever obey all the rules?


Start the countdown because, in just under two years, things are about to get Tangled.

This article was originally published on Jun 04, 2015

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