Genius parenting hack—busy board to entertain your toddler

This hack is going to require a trip to the hardware store.


Photo: teachezofpeachez via Imgur

Are you the type of parent who enjoys working with your hands and also blowing the tiny mind of your kid while teaching them important life skills? If you raised your hand, please direct your attention to this. It’s a DIY activity centre using odds and ends from the hardware store. WHAT?!?

Plop your tot in the fancy car-shaped carts at Home Depot and get to work sourcing your supplies. The key here is to try and grab everything quickly, before a meltdown occurs. This method makes your DIY build much more exciting, like a surprise grab bag, almost. But be sure to steer clear of the sharp objects aisle, obvie. If you’re uncomfortable with your darling babe learning to unlock and unlatch, leave those things off your board.

We love the cookie tin doubling as a magnet board and the squishy buttons of the calculator.

What is that oldfangled telephone machine, your older child may ask between swipes on the iPad. You can probably find one of those at your local thrift shop, or maybe even in the basement.

Don’t worry, your hard work will pay off, while your toddler is busy moving, swiping and rattling this board, you’ll have more time for this.

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