Frozen 2: Our reaction to the sequel news in 10 Frozen gifs

It's official: Disney has announced that Frozen 2 is in development, prompting a flurry of excitement.

Like all good Frozen fans, we’ve been waiting patiently for any news of a Frozen sequel for ages:

So when Disney announced today that Frozen 2 is in production, we got really excited:

We kinda lost our heads:

It was total happy place time:

Even the most winter-weary of us were breaking out in tune with “Do you want to build a snowman?…”:

We eagerly toasted the news:

Because Elsa is one fierce princess:

And Elsa and Anna together are double trouble, plus plenty of laughs:

We can bet the sequel is going to be pure magic:

Now we just have to wait for the movie to come out:

Luckily, the meantime there’s the new animated short, Frozen Fever.

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