First Moon Party: Latest viral video

Check out "First Moon Party," the hilarious now viral video from Hello Flo.

First Moon Party: Latest viral video

I was the last girl to get my period. I remember feeling slightly "lesser-than" around my newly matured girlfriends. But would I have gone so far as to fake it and then sit through a First Moon party thrown by my mother? I don't think so.

But Hello Flo's latest viral video about a girl faking her first period with Rubylicious nail polish is definitely worth your time!

I take some issue with a mom being so mean to her daughter when she just wants to be like her friends—but the idea of bobbing for ovaries and a "vagician" did make my day. Although I may actually prefer the Camp Gyno ad from last year.

I love that Hello Flo, a period kit subscription service, is demystifying periods and making it funny. As much as I can tell my eight-year-old that it's a normal part of life, it's a little freaky for her to imagine—which I totally understand, because it is a little freaky.

I can’t tell her when she is going to get it, although my guess is that it will be before she is 15 (yes, I was 15). At the age of eight it's hard for her to imagine a time when her body will be dropping eggs, and she will have to use tampons and pads to absorb the flow. We have always had a policy in our house of being open and answering questions honestly. And questions do come up fairly often, thanks to the odd pairing of tampon commercials on kids’ television shows.

But I haven’t even told her about PMS yet—some things can wait.


Have you talked to your daughters (and sons) about menstruation?

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This article was originally published on Jun 20, 2014

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