How to escape when your baby's sleeping

The latest viral video from a Texas mom has parents sharing their baby sleep stories online.

You know how it goes: Your baby is finally asleep but now you’re stuck in the bedroom—or worse, you’re lying down right beside her. So, how do you quietly escape the room without her noticing your exit? Check out this funny video that highlights four methods of escape.

The video is good for a laugh, although it shouldn’t be used as a how-to guide for baby sleep. For starters, the baby is sleeping on her stomach in the middle of her parents’ bed, surrounded by stuffed animals, which is a safety no-no. However, you can watch the video for the pure enjoyment of witnessing other parents employing the same ridiculous escape methods as you.

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Texas mom Esther Anderson revealed on The Today Show that she made the video after a “disastrous nap” where her nearly one-year-old daughter woke up while she was attempting the ninja exit. Anderson says she hopes parents see her videos and feel a little less alone in their parenting struggles:

“I’ve decided that any parent that thinks they have parenting all figured out is either lying or just full of themselves. And, I think we’re getting to the point in our society where it’s OK to accept the fact that we’re human and we make mistakes—and we make them a lot!”

I know I’ve employed all those tactics myself, although my ninja skills are a little rusty. I used to slip one of my T-shirts beside my babies in the hopes that the smell would make them think that I was still there. It rarely worked.

What have you done to escape a sleeping baby?

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