E.T. phones home to Toronto

E.T. phone home! Our favourite extra-terrestrial is making the rounds in Toronto. Check out this awesome series by photographer Cameron McLellan.

et-toronto-cn-tower Photo: Cameron McLellan

E.T. phoned home and he landed in Toronto! OK, so this isn't the real E.T., it's an exact replica. But it's still pretty cool.

This E.T. belongs to photographer Cameron McLellan. He's taken to bringing E.T. with him around Toronto, photographing the extra-terrestrial with some of the city's iconic spots.

et-toronto-subway Photo: Cameron McLellan

Isn't this the cutest subway driver ever?

et-toronto Photo: Cameron McLellan

A scarf is a must in this chilly Toronto weather. But we think E.T. needs a hat and some mitts too!

et-toronto-honest-eds Photo: Cameron McLellan

Even E.T. can't resist a bargain!

et-toronto-union Photo: Cameron McLellan

Hanging out at Union Station. We wonder where he's off to next...

Want to see more of E.T.'s Toronto adventure? Check out Cameron McLellan's Flickr.


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This article was originally published on Mar 24, 2015

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