Drew Barrymore: It's crazy to worry about weight

Drew Barrymore isn't focused on getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight! She's busy sleep-training.

Photo: Drew Barrymore via Instagram

Photo: Drew Barrymore via Instagram

Drew Barrymore, 40, has a lot going on! She has her own production company, plus her Flower Beauty cosmetics products. But, her priority is always being a mom to daughters Olive, 2.5, and Frankie, 1, with her hubby, Will Kopelman, 38.

The actress recently attended Safe Kids Day in LA and told People keeping her own kids safe feels like no easy task.

“I think as a parent sometimes I feel very overwhelmed with all that there is,” she told the mag. Ahh, we relate, don’t we? So many products, so many rules and shoulds and should-nots. Sigh, yup, parenting.

Still, Drew says she’s loving being a mom-of-two. “Two is even better than one,” she said. “I can’t believe it.”

Photo: Drew Barrymore via Instagram

Photo: Drew Barrymore via Instagram

And, #HeyBeautiful! Drew’s not aching to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight anytime soon. “I think it’s crazy to worry about that,” she insists. “It takes nine months to build, it takes nine months to unbuild, at best.”

“We just have to take pressures off,” she added. “They’re so silly and ridiculous. It took a year and I’m not even there, but it’s fine. I’m so okay with that.”

Besides, in addition to running two businesses, Drew’s been just a little busy lately: “I’ve been up all night doing sleep training.”


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