Frankie: Drew Barrymore baby name explained

Just three weeks after the birth of her second daughter, Drew Barrymore talks to Ellen DeGeneres about the baby's name, Frankie, and how awesome life is.

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Drew Barrymore is back on the scene just three weeks after the birth of her second daughter, on April 22, promoting her new flick, Blended.

The 39-year-old actress joined costar Adam Sandler on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She talked about how she's feeling post-pregnancy, why she and hubby Will Kopelman chose the name Frankie for their new baby girl, and how 19-month-old Olive is coping with the arrival of her new baby sis.

"How are you here?" asks Ellen DeGeneres, remarking that Drew just had a baby.

“It feels like a miracle, and it's also so awesome," Drew replies. "And I love this movie, and I would never not show up for it. And, I feel so good and happy. My kid is healthy. I have nothing to complain about. I’m so blessed.”

"Drew named the baby 'Blended,'" jokes Adam.


Drew goes on to admit that the explanation behind the name "Frankie" is actually "not the most interesting story."

“It was just a name that came to my husband and I a few months before she was born, and we were sort of like, ‘I think this is it,’” she explains. “And then we gave ourselves room to change our mind, but we never did.... And my mother-in-law’s maiden name is Franco, and I love her so much that it reminds me of her as well.”

Drew says there were some other names in the running, but they didn't stick.

"It's hard because we love the name Olive, and we're like, 'What goes with Olive?'" she tells Ellen. "Everything started sounding like a colour or a food. Hazel’s a great name. No, that’s two shades of green. And I love the name Pepper so much, and we were like, ‘Olive and Pepper? That’s two things you find in a pantry.’”


And speaking of Olive...

[Olive] really gets that she has a sister and she says, ‘Frankie, sister,’” Drew shares. “And she loves playing with her and she’s not mad about it at all yet. She’s all positive at this moment.”

Since my transcription isn't doing this funny convo much justice, check it out yourself right here...

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This article was originally published on May 15, 2014

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