Do something kind today for Thomas

March 9 is Random Act of Kindness Day for Thomas, honouring the short life of an Ontario boy by encouraging people to do kind things for one another.

Do something kind today for Thomas

Source: March 9th Random Act of Kindness Day for Thomas.

Ten years ago today, Ontario mom Kristen Zita gave birth to her only child, Thomas, who tragically passed away hours after his birth, on March 10, 2005. In his obituary, Thomas's parents asked people to do something good—no matter how small—in his memory because they thought he'd like that. A decade later, this simple request has blossomed into an annual event, Random Act of Kindness Day for Thomas.

This year, for what would have been Thomas's 10th birthday, Kristen set a goal to get 10,000 people to commit to an act of kindness today. As of this morning, more than 11,400 have committed to doing something kind today, and people in Canada, the US and around the world are sharing the beautiful ways they've honoured Thomas today.

One person left a message of kindness written in the sand on the beach this morning while walking her dog. Several have bought coffee for others in line behind them. Two people are making meals for people who are dealing with injuries and serious family illnesses. Another person has stocked her car with foods to give to the homeless. One woman anonymously set up VIP access for a 94-year-old lifelong San Antonio Spurs fan who was finally going to her first game. And there have been donations to a shelter, food banks, a family who lost everything in a house fire and even a charity for stray dogs and cats in Bali.

Whether it's leaving a note of encouragement in a public place, buying someone a coffee or making meals for new parents, you can do something kind for others today in honour of Thomas. Head on over to the March 9th Random Act of Kindness Day for Thomas event page to join in.

What random act of kindness will you do today?

This article was originally published on Mar 09, 2015

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