Daycare posts snarky sign about cellphones, parents everywhere freak out

A controversy has erupted over a daycare that put up a sign to shame parents who check their phones during pick-up time.

By Today's Parent
Daycare posts snarky sign about cellphones, parents everywhere freak out

Photo: Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz via Facebook

It's the sign that has everyone talking.

A Houston, Texas daycare posted a sign shaming parents for being on their cellphones during pick-up, calling it "appalling."

It's definitely pretty finger-wagg-y. For sure. But was the daycare definitely in the wrong?

Daycare posts snarky sign about cellphones, parents everywhere freak out

Today's Parent shared the sign on our Facebook page yesterday, and man, people had a lot of feelings about it.

Many agree with the sign: 

"A-freaking-men! So agree with this! Everyone is always on their stupid phones—In restaurants no one speaks... at home... playing with their kids.... all because of stupid technology! It's a curse really! Not a luxury!"


"I feel bad for the kid. When I pick mine up from daycare, I am just as excited to see him as he is to see me."

"I agree take the time to make your child fill wanted and tell them what a good job they have done always."

But there are those who feel they have valid reasons for sometimes being on their phone during pick-up time:

"If only life was as simple as critics see it. A more professional approach would be speaking to the parent. As a single mom sometimes you have to dial into conference calls and still have to do pick up. You don't know what a person has to juggle to make their family succeed. I say stop being so judgemental and start showing compassion."

"Honestly, it's not their business! They have no idea who I'm talking to or the importance. I'd tell them to cram it. Politely, of course."


"This is out of line. You have no idea what they are doing or going through and that moment before they pick up their kid could be the only alone seconds they have in the day."

"Sorry, my phone = my job and my job = family money. I'll be on my phone whenever I need to be."

There was some serious anger directed at the daycare:

"Preachy! Someone please set fire to the premises, using this poster."

"Way out of line. I'm paying you to care for my child, not tell me how to parent."


And then there were some people who were on the fence:

"Although I agree with the sentiment for the most part, this is very offensive and unprofessional. It's OK to make a suggestion in an appropriate way but judging others—well, let's leave the judging for ourselves."

And some thoughtful reflection, too:

"The irony is I wonder how many of these phone-gazing parents are going to see this notice right in front of them."

So, what do you think—is this note hella rude or OK?

This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2017

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