David Price sending two young Jays fans jerseys after viral tweets

After a Twitter search for a kid wearing a makeshift jersey, the Blue Jays' newly acquired pitcher David Price is sending two lucky fans official jerseys—and Jays fans couldn't be more enamoured.

Photo: Blue Jays via Twitter Photo: Blue Jays via Twitter

Newly acquired Blue Jays pitcher David Price has captured the hearts of fans already, thanks in part to Tweeting out that he'd be sending two lucky young kids jerseys after spotting one of them wearing a makeshift Price jersey in a Twitter photo.

Jennifer Duplessis's seven-year-old son Noah and his friend Jake, 9, were headed to see the Jays play the Kansas City Royals on Friday. Duplessis gave Jake an old Jays player's jersey to wear—with a bit of embellishment in honour of the Jays' newly acquired pitcher. Using hockey tape, some paper and a thick blue marker, Duplessis DIY'd a Price jersey for Jake and tweeted out a picture of the boys wearing their jerseys.


Just before the game on Friday, the Blue Jays Twitter handler spotted Jake outside and tagged Price in their tweet. Price then shared the tweet on Friday, writing “Real jersey on me kid!! Size?”

Desperate to find the unnamed fan, Price later took to Twitter to ask Jays fans to help him track down the boy's or his parent's Twitter handle.

Price found Duplessis on Twitter and sent a direct message asking for her mailing address—and, true to his word, he's sent Jake and Noah their very own Price jerseys.


So far, fans' reactions have been nothing but overwhelmingly supportive of Price:


Oh, and in his first game with the Jays, Price pitched a 5-1 victory over the Minnesota Twins on Monday to a sold-out crowd. Talk about a winning start.

This article was originally published on Aug 04, 2015

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