David Beckham shares another loving moment with teen son

Raising a feminist? David Beckham posted another sweet pic and professed his love for his teen son—who, once again, shows no hint of embarrassment.

David Beckham Brooklyn birthday wish Photo: CHP/FameFlynet

Once again, the Beckhams have shared a family photo featuring a loving moment between father and big kid.

A lot of us think that, as kids get older, they inevitably become less affectionate with us—many get embarrassed. (Read: Are your kids embarrassed by your hugs?) But, the Beckhams have showed us several times now that this isn't always the case.

Remember that photo Victoria Beckham posted of her planting one on Brooklyn, then 14 years old, on the red carpet—and how he didn't seem to mind at all? Refresher...

And remember when David posted a cuddly photo of Brooklyn in honour of his sixteenth birthday on Facebook? "Happy Birthday to my big boy xx," David wrote along with this photo...

Photo: David Beckham via Facebook Photo: David Beckham via Facebook

Indeed, it looks like David and Victoria are doing their part in raising a feminist!


A pattern is forming, and I like it. Today we got a hat trick, as the dad-of-four posted a third photo of his oldest son sharing a sweet moment with his dad.

"Something tells me I love this not so little man so much," he writes along with the pic. "Growing up fast into a perfect gentleman and hiking buddy.... I love you big boy ❤️." Awww, and he even used a heart emoji!

Brooklyn is once again on the receiving end of a big smackeroo in the very public photo (David only has, ohhh, 10.7 million Instagram followers.) And again, there's not a stitch of embarrassment. Indeed, something like pride. Sweet, right?

Maybe it's extra sweet for me because I have an adorably affectionate mama's boy for a son, and he's turning eight next month. He still hugs me in front of his macho little buddies in the schoolyard, and even (I'm recalling something I tweeted a few months ago) holds my hand, perhaps unaware...


So, thank you, David and Victoria Beckham, for showcasing family affection like you do, even in the teen years. ✌️

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This article was originally published on Aug 19, 2015

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