Best prank ever: Dad poses daughters like "The Shining" twins to freak people out at hotels

"Come play with us, Danny."

By Jenna Campbell

Best prank ever: Dad poses daughters like "The Shining" twins to freak people out at hotels

Photo: @Wefail via Twitter

Picture this: You're staying at a hotel, and as you walk to your room, you see two girls at the end of the hallway holding hands, just like the ghost twins in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

It might be enough to convince you ghosts are real...

...but it's actually just an awesome dad pulling an epic prank.

One dad from England, Martin Hughes, recently tweeted a photo of his identical, four-year-old twin daughters, Poppy and Isabella, holding hands in matching outfits in a hotel hallway—an on-point reference to the iconic "come play with us" scene in The Shining. He wrote that dressing his girls up "makes the grief of having twins worthwhile."

“As soon as we found out we were having identical twins I thought The Shining,” he said to Buzzfeed. “As they’ve gotten older and we can travel and stay in hotels, it was a given that I’d get them to stand holding hands in the hallway for a joke.”

The best part? They've actually managed to spook out some of the hotel guests!

While the girls don't really get the joke yet, Hughes says they like doing it and even take the initiative to pose still while holding hands around the house saying "come play with us." They'll definitely be thanking Dad for teaching them the pose when Halloween rolls around.

We totally get that raising twins isn't easy and that sometimes it's necessary to have a good laugh—even if it comes at the cost of scaring the wits out of hotel guests! And honestly, we approve of this cool dad's prank.

But if we saw these "ghost twins" at the end of a hotel hallway, we'd run the other way!

This article was originally published on Mar 15, 2017

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