Dad makes his daughter's fairy tree dreams come true

This dad made his daughter a fairy bedroom fit for a fairy princess.

Every kid wants a treehouse! But one dad, reddit user radamshome, made his daughter the coolest treehouse ever.

When his daughter asked him for a fairy tree to climb and read books inside, he built her one from scratch.

Inspired by Disney set designs and equipped with video game artistry, it took him 350 hours to build. Hello, dedication.

With the tree being the focal point of the room, he drew about a dozen sketches before finding one that he felt wasn’t too scary looking. “The last thing I wanted was for it to give her nightmares,” he writes.


Photo: radamshome via reddit

After taking some classes from a professional sculptor, he welded the body of the tree using rebar and steel rods. And finished it off with metal lath (steel sheets) and paper maché.


Photo: radamshome via reddit

A few trips to Michael’s and countless photos of trees later, voila! A tree complete with a reading nook—we want one!


Photo: radamshome via reddit

To complete the fairy bedroom vibe, he painted the rest of the room a gradient rainbow.


Photo: radamshome via reddit

Sorry Taylor Swift, looks like there’s one fairy princess who won’t be out of the woods anytime soon!


Photo: radamshome via reddit

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