CSIS helps 6-year-old boy become a secret agent

Jacob loves spies and wrote to CSIS about becoming a real secret agent. The response CSIS sent is beyond amazing.


CSIS just made this little boy's day!

Jacob St. Jean is six and loves secret agents. So back in November the BC boy asked his mom if he could send a letter to the real secret agents. His mom helped him type out a letter to the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service or CSIS. The letter included a picture of Jacob in his secret agent sunglasses and hat. So sweet!

Like most six-year-olds, Jacob was quite impatient for a reply and kept asking his mom if CSIS had sent a response.

His mom told CBC she expected a very generic reply from the spy agency, but what CSIS sent suprised them both.

CSIS wrote Jacob a letter apologizing for the delay. You see at first they had written the letter in invisible ink and then misplaced it. The next letter was written in code, but the agency realized Jacob wouldn't understand it. So finally they wrote a letter in English and included a CSIS hat, pin and medallion, which Jacob adorably calls his "real spy gear."

In the letter, they gave Jacob some tips on becoming a spy, including always listening to his parents. Maybe we all should encouragev our kids to write a letter to CSIS!


The letter ended with some secret code just for Jacob, which he says is "special for me ... I don't think I should tell it."

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This article was originally published on Mar 21, 2015

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