Chris Pratt, Anna Faris and Jack: We can't handle this cuteness (watch!)

It's just too cute! Watch Chris Pratt, Anna Faris and their adorable son, Jack, name a baby Penguin for the Woodland Park Zoo. Best name ever for a penguin!

Photo: YouTube Photo: YouTube

We're having a little problem here at Today's Parent. It's especially problematic on this particular Monday, when it's pretty dark and "misty" outside, and our coffee just isn't strong enough.

See, the thing is we can't handle this video of Chris Pratt, Anna Faris and their little guy, Jack, 3, naming the new baby penguin at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. It is just too cute—all three of them are adorable, and the name they chose is just omg—and we're trying to get work done. So, here, see if you can handle it.

First, if you take a trip to Chris' Facebook page, you'll see he reveals the special the reason naming the baby penguin is so important to their family:

Anna and I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I remember the awesome salmon and trout rivers, the bears, the elephants... Oh. Im talking of course about the @woodlandparkzoo !! If you haven't had a chance to check it out you really must. It's such a well run and gorgeous facility.

Who'd have thought that 15 some years later we'd meet in Hollywood, fall in love, get married, have a baby and that baby boy would be given the opportunity to NAME A PENGUIN CHICK a the zoo!? I mean come on!


I mean, come ON. So much cuteness.

OK, don't say I didn't warn you... Serious cute alert:

"We thought that a penguin with aspiration to fly would be really fun." It's perfect.

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This article was originally published on Oct 05, 2015

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