Check out what this New Zealand artist is doing for sick kids

After losing his stepson, Benjamin Lloyd wanted to cheer up other sick kids.

Photo: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection

Photo: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection

Benjamin Lloyd is a New Zealand-based spray painter. His motto is ‘you say it, I’ll spray it.” After the death of his stepson, Lloyd wanted to do something for sick children so he took his air brushing skills from canvas to skin creating beautiful and elaborate tattoo-like paintings on sick kids at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital. Each design takes about nine minutes to complete and is done in non-toxic India ink. He jokes that some kids don’t want to take showers after he decorates them.

What a lovely way to brighten a kid’s day.

Check out his beautiful work below. And tell your kids about tattoos with this adorable book, Tell Me a Tattoo Story.


Photo: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection

Photo: Benjamin Lloyd Art

Photo: Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection

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