Channing Tatum's baby Everly: Big like Dad

Cute scoop on Channing Tatum's "big" bundle of joy, Everly! Mom Jenna Dewan-Tatum shares latest milestones, strong genes, fave toys and more.

Channing Tatum's baby Everly: Big like Dad Photo: @channingtatum via Instagram

Looks like Channing Tatum's nine-month-old baby girl, Everly Tatum, isn't so wee! Are you surprised?

[I] carrying my baby all day long and carting her around,” Channing's wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, 33, told People last week at a boutique/spa opening in Venice, California.

“She’s not little," Jenna adds. "She’s definitely getting my husband’s genes—I’m getting my arm workout by that."

Yes, baby Everly's growing fast, and Jenna's having fun with her now that she's becoming her own little person (the nine-month-old stage is precious!).

“She’s standing and...scooching," the Witches of East End star shared. "Something called cruising. She’s awesome—she’s so happy and I love it.”


Jenna also said Everly's toy of choice these days is building blocks (tearing them down, of course!), and they're currently reading Rapunzel together—though Everly would rather "chew [the]" than listen to it, she laughs.

Channing Tatum's baby Everly: Big like Dad Photo: Jenna Dewan-Tatum via Instagram

Like many new moms, Jenna finds it hard to leave her baby's side. "I had to tear myself away to come out tonight," she told the mag, and had this advice for other new moms: "Try your hardest not to worry so much and release the guilt. Enjoy the moment and know you're doing the best you can." Amen to that!

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This article was originally published on Mar 19, 2014

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