Celebrity kids who are named... Charlotte (photos!)

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana's got company! In honour of the new Princess, here's a roundup of all the celebrity kids named Charlotte.

Photo: @KensingtonRoyal via Twitter Photo: @KensingtonRoyal via Twitter

We were sitting here talking about the new royal baby, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, whose name was newly announced, and it occurred to us: How many celebrity kid Charlottes are there? So we rounded up a bunch. Check it out!

1. Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

chelsea-clinton-charlotte-may201515 Photo: @ChelseaClinton via Twitter

BykC9_rIMAANIhR Photo: @HillaryClinton via Twitter

Proud parents Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and Mark Mezvinsky, and proud grandparents Hillary and Bill Clinton, welcomed baby Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky on September 26, 2014.

2. Charlotte Grace Prinze

Photo: Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram Photo: Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram


Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr., have a daughter named Charlotte, born September 19, 2009.

3. Charlotte Easton Gillies

Photo: Juan Rico/FameFlynet Photo: Juan Rico/FameFlynet

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook is mom to two-year-old Charlotte Easton Gillies.

4. Charlotte Connick

Celebrity kids who are named... Charlotte (photos!) Photo: Rex Features


Harry Connick Jr. has a 12-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

5. Charlotte Rose McDermott

Photo: Dylan McDermott via Instagram Photo: Dylan McDermott via Instagram

Actor Dylan McDermott has a nine-year-old daughter, Charlotte Rose McDermott.

6. Charlotte Simpson

Photo: FameFlynet Photo: FameFlynet

Sigourney Weaver is mom to 25-year-old Charlotte Simpson.


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This article was originally published on May 04, 2015

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