Carrie Underwood saves her baby after dogs lock him in hot car

Singer Carrie Underwood had to have her car windows broken to save her baby after her dogs locked him in the car.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.30.51 PM Photo: Carrie Underwood via Instagram

Carrie Underwood's dogs are super cute—and super mischievous...or something. Did you hear what those little rascals did over the weekend? They somehow managed to lock Carrie's car door while her four-month-old son, Isaiah, was inside—and it was a hot day in Tennessee!

Carrie tweeted about what she calls the "'dogs-locked-the-car-door' incident" once it was all over and baby Isaiah was safe. Her brother-in-law had to smash the window!


Photo: Carrie Underwood via Instagram Carrie and hubby Mike Fisher. Photo: Carrie Underwood via Instagram

It's actually too bad Carrie didn't break the windows herself because I totally have this song in my head now, and can totally see her doing that...


Carrie's been getting some criticism for leaving her baby alone with the dogs in the car. But, we don't know this whole story at all—and thankfully, everyone's OK! Most importantly, this is a good reminder to all never to leave kids (and animals!) alone in a hot car.

Underwood fans, look out for her latest single, "Little Toy Guns."

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This article was originally published on Jul 13, 2015

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