Brooklyn Beckham: Major modelling debut

The "quiche" 15-year-old debuts his new modelling career with a prestigious magazine cover and 20-page feature.

Photo: Man About Time via Instagram Photo: Man About Town via Instagram

The Beckham boys are growing up and starting major careers of their own—modelling careers!

First it was Romeo, 11, for Burberry, in 2012. And now big brother Brooklyn, 15, has scored himself the cover of the biannual UK magazine Man About Town, and a 20-page feature inside.

Both boys, of course, following in the footsteps of their dad, David Beckham, whom Tommy Hilfiger named "underwear model of the century." Indeed, David graced the cover of Man About Town's previous issue, so Brooklyn is actually following right behind Dad.

In the cover of Man About Town's spring/summer 2014 issue, Brooklyn strikes a pose—evoking mom Victoria's signature pout—in a cool bomber jacket with a piece of quiche on it, labelled "quiche." According to The Telegraph, "quiche" is a term coined by Australian comic Chris Lilley to connote "'hot' but like it's a step above hot." (I like it... Move over, "gorj"!)

Beside Brooklyn, you have the lone cover line: "Drop the boy." Cue the Britney: Not a boy, not yet a man?


"Brooklyn's first published editorial is a 20-page fashion story celebrating teenage style," explains the editor of Man About Town, "which shows a warm and honest insight into the moment men begin to express themselves through clothes."

The photos were shot by Beckham family friend Alasdair McLellan—who also photographed Victoria for Vogue and David for Fantastic Man.

"David and Victoria are immensely proud of all their children," says a source for MailOnline, "and they never push them into anything even though the boys get lots of offers."

At this rate, we can definitely expect to see Harper Seven, 2.5, on the cover of Vogue... any day now!


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This article was originally published on Apr 02, 2014

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