New baby smell perfume on the market...

Wish you could bottle that new baby smell? This company claims they have...


Ahh, there is nothing like the sweet, awesome smell of baby.

We're drawn to it like moths to a flame—and apparently, we just can't get enough. Thank goodness for Antica Farmacista! They've captured that delicious baby smell within the confines of a perfume bottle so it may be spritzed whenever the craving hits (at $96/500mL bottle). You can be sure you will be asked what perfume you're wearing. And when that happens, you may proudly state: "Oh, it's just Baby."

Do you love that baby smell enough to purchase a bottle of it?

Want to know about the (actual) science of baby smell? Check out "Why moms love that new baby smell."

This article was originally published on Mar 20, 2014

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