Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcome a gorgeous baby

Baby Reynolds is here.

Blake Lively pregnant Photo: CHP/FameFlynet

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now the proud parents of...a baby. People magazine confirmed that the couple welcomed their second child, but so far there is no word on the baby's sex, birth date or name. All we know is baby Reynolds was born in New York.

At the end of August, Ryan told E News that his "extraordinarily pregnant wife" felt that August was "the worst month on earth to be pregnant." So I'm sure Blake is very glad that her baby has arrived.

The couple are quite private so it may be awhile before we find out the baby's gender. But you can bet he or she is gorgeous—I mean look at the baby's parents? We likely won't see many (if any) photos of baby Reynolds because Ryan and Blake have never shared photos of big sister James, 22 months. We've only seen a video of the back of her head, that Blake shared earlier this year. Oh, and this cute shot of her chubby hand.

If you remember when James was born, there was quite a bit of a name drama. At first we didn't know her name so the rumours started (as I'm sure they will start now!).  Everyone thought she was named Violet, but Ryan was quick to poo-poo that. Eventually (two months later!) he confirmed that his baby girl was named James.


So it could be awhile before we know baby Reynolds' gender and name. I wonder if the couple will go for another unisex name?

Photo: Today's Parent Instagram Photo: Today's Parent Instagram

Congrats to the happy couple! I hope their new baby sleeps better than big sister James.

This article was originally published on Sep 30, 2016

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