Best pregnancy announcement ever—cue the happy tears!

After battling a brain tumour in her teens, Whitney Quinton was dealt another blow: she was told she was infertile. Watch as she tells her family the news they never expected to hear.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as telling your family that you’re expecting. But it was an extra-special moment for Whitney Quinton.

Over the past 10 years, Whitney has dealt with a host of health issues. When she was 15, she began having severe seizures. A neurologist told her the seizures would cause severe disabilities and she likely wouldn’t graduate high school, drive or get married. Devastated by this diagnosis, Whitney refused to believe it and got a second opinion—and it turned out she had a benign tumour that could be removed.

Whitney did graduate high school and got married. But at age 21, she was told she’d likely never be able to have kids. One doc even bluntly told her, at age 23, that she was infertile and she shouldn’t bother trying IVF. Once again, Whitney refused to believe this diagnosis and got a second opinion, this time from a gynaecologist who discovered that Whitney had endometriosis, which was treatable.

And now, at age 25, Whitney is expecting! Watch as she tells her Albertan family that she’s finally pregnant. (You’re definitely going to want to grab a box of tissues first.)

Congratulations Whitney—we’re so excited for Baby Quinton’s arrival!

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