Beat the Monday blahs with baby and animal BFFs

Don't let Monday drag you down—these GIFs of babies and their animal friends are here to help!

It’s Monday, again?! We swear the weekend just started, didn’t it? Whether you’re at home with your little one(s) or back at the office, we feel you on those Monday blahs. Our remedy? GIFs of cute babies and their animal BFFs! Just try to get through this post without squee-ing a few times…


These cuties just want to stay in bed and snuggle a little longer, OK?


These two are still figuring out how to play follow-the-leader properly.


When you want to play but your friend doesn’t. The struggle is real.


This baby’s face clearly makes an excellent nuzzling post.


These pals are so close, they even do yoga together. That’s a pretty good snake pose, guys!


Cutest. Playtime. Ever.


Did you know that friends make good pillows at nap time?


You can always trust your bestie with your secrets.


Even if your friend is stuck in a bowl, it’s still nice to give him kisses.


Wait a sec, friends aren’t supposed to steal your cookies…

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