Batman bakes and Spiderman helps potty train in this awesome colouring book

Norwegian cartoonist and mom turns the idea of the strong superhero on its head with this brilliant colouring book.


Photo: Linnea Johansson

Batman and Spiderman may save the world by night, but by day they’re regular dads who rock the baby wrap and help potty train the kids. At least that’s what they do in this new comic colouring book created by Linnea Johansson. The Norway-based cartoonist and comic book fan was inspired to create softer superheroes after her three-year-old son stopped crying because superheroes don’t cry. “I had to take action because I think this is (excuse me) bullshit,” Johansson wrote on her blog.

Not only do Johansson’s superheroes cry, they play dress-up with their kids, make cinnamon rolls and fawn over kittens. Spiderman is even in a wheelchair in one of the images. These amazing drawings show kids that superheroes are human too. They have emotions, need a hug and aren’t always strong. So it’s OK if kids need to cry because superheroes do too.

Up next from Johansson: 10 super-strong princesses. We can’t wait!

Download the 10 super-soft heroes colouring book here.

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