Ashton Kutcher calls for changing stations in men's washrooms

Ashton Kutcher recently took to Facebook to vent about the absence of change tables in men's restrooms.

Ashton Kutcher calls for changing stations in men's washrooms Photo: Rex Features

Ashton Kutcher is making headlines after venting about a dad problem: no change tables in men's washrooms!

"There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men's public restrooms," he wrote on Facebook. "The first public men's room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! ‪#‎BeTheChange‬"

Fans responded in the comments with a mix of shout-outs to men's restrooms that already have change stations—such as Chuck E. Cheese, most washrooms in Canada (go Canada!), Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco and more—and "hear, hears." (Apparently, the state of California has yet to get on this.)

Still, others commented that Ashton was, like other celebrities, simply "living in a bubble," since many men's restrooms do in fact have change tables.

What do you think?

Ashton and his fiancée Mila Kunis are parents to five-month-old Wyatt.


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This article was originally published on Mar 11, 2015

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