Anna Faris gets real about her post-childbirth vag

Prepare yourself for some vaginal throbbing.

Photo: Anna Faris via Twitter Photo: Anna Faris via Twitter

I kinda love Anna Faris. Mainly because she's married to Chris Pratt who is just the sweetest most adorable man. But also because Anna isn't afraid to tell it like it is. For example, she just talked about her vagina.

On her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, Anna interviewed fellow actress Olivia Munn. Olivia doesn't have kids and like all women is curious (and a bit worried) about what happens to your vah jay jay after you have a baby. Mainly she wants to know if the horror stories about it being "blown out" are true.

"Mine just got tighter and hotter," Anna told her. Obviously she's joking because hello, a baby came out of a very small hole.

"[The] does come back," she says, comforting Olivia and all future moms. "People talk about the idea of a pelvic floor and you really have no idea what they're talking about, until you feel it. It's the muscles that surround your vagina. They throb for, like, weeks."

You're totally remembering the throbbing right now? And that episiotomy. And the stitches. Sorry, sorry! On to happier topics.

The vaginal throbbing didn't scar Anna for life because she's thinking about baby #2.


"Chris and I have both dreamed about having a big family," Anna says. "I didn't love pregnancy. I was just bored. I was uncomfortable at times and Jack came early.

Photo: Anna Faris via Twitter Photo: Anna Faris via Twitter

Her adorable son Jack, 3, was born nine weeks premature. He had to have eye surgery and underwent eyepatch therapy last year. But he seems to be doing well—and is ridiculously cute. I mean, come on.

CdCW-f7UsAE9-gN Photo: Anna Faris via Twitter

Since Jack was premature, Anna's next pregnancy would be considered high risk.


But it seems like Anna is leaning towards having a second baby.

"What makes up for whatever is happening down in your pelvic floor area is Chris's face when Jack was being born," she says. "He was holding my hand and he was just sobbing. I was scared he would be turned off by the whole thing... That was amazing, seeing his face."

So sweet! We can just imagine Chris' face.


I really hope they have a second baby...mainly because I want more videos like this:


This article was originally published on Apr 13, 2016

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